2015 The Start

Well, I think I may have missed the whole ‘Happy New Year’ moment due to ill health! So here goes: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

There are so many wonderful plans for Share a Star this year that I literally don’t know where to begin! In our mission to help and support as many seriously ill youngsters, we have teamed up with Demelza House hospice, in order to help the children they support. This may seem like a strange move, but for us, it is essential that we reach as many youngsters as possible. No child deserves to suffer alone without support – we know this – and so does Demelza!

Our newest initiative within Share a Star, Oakley’s Outings is brimming with excitement, as we welcome our first granted wish! This shall take place on February 14th, when our Katie Star will be having her wish granted to go and see Wicked with her family at London Victoria Apollo. Exciting stuff! After that, we shall be pushing ahead with this venture, which is available to any Star from Share a Star.

We’ve had many children of late who have been having big transplants done so we’ve been working hard to make sure that hospital is not too boring and their families are well supported. We often work together with a charity called Post Pals and provided three mums on the same ward a bit of TLC and treats of different snacks and food that was bit different to hospital food!

We have some massive thank you’s to say to our wonderful supporters who have fundraised for us. Every penny goes into making a huge difference to youngsters lives and what is better than bringing back a smile and the sparkle to somebody’s face?

“Be a STAR today and support Share a Star on their mission to help others”


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