A Step from a far

I have taken some big steps in whatever direction you would like to call it, and although it is difficult, it constantly reminds those around me, what each of the families and those youngsters we try to help are going through on a daily basis. I’m not able to input as much as I would like but people stand up to the task, and everyone are very understanding. Still, my apologies go out, to those who still deserve just as much of us.

There have been many positives towards Share a Star growing, new people willing to help out with some new ideas for special Star gifts, fundraising and more! Thank you already! Keep those ideas coming! We have new booklets ready for the Stars, that are bright and colourful. Printing courtesy of Inky Little Fingers. Some new beautiful Jewellery is available for supporters: stars, stars and more STARS thanks to Laura Groom!!

With new Stars joining our growing galaxy, whilst some of our Stars are facing hospitals, hugely terrifying treatments, whilst within the families it becomes part of life to deal with difficulties of this and schools. Please bear a thought for them all.

When you take a step from a far, suddenly the reason as to why you are doing this become even clearer.

Love and light


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